Where Is Barnsley On The Map?

Hey, have you ever wondered where Barnsley is? I mean, you’ve probably heard of it before, but do you actually know where it is on the map? Well, let me tell you, Barnsley is a town in South Yorkshire, England. It’s nestled right in the heart of the country, and if you take a look at a map, you’ll find it around 30 miles north of Sheffield. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and steeped in history, Barnsley is a charming little spot that’s definitely worth exploring. So, next time you come across Barnsley in a conversation, you’ll not only know about it but also be able to pinpoint its location on the map!

Geographical Location


Barnsley is located at 53.5541° N latitude and 1.4811° W longitude.


Barnsley is situated in the county of South Yorkshire, England. It is part of the Yorkshire and the Humber region.

Nearby Cities

Some of the nearby cities to Barnsley include Sheffield, located approximately 13 miles to the south, and Leeds, which is about 18 miles to the north. Other nearby cities within a reasonable distance are Wakefield and Huddersfield.


Access by Road

Barnsley benefits from excellent road connectivity as it is well-connected to the major cities and towns in the region. The M1 motorway runs to the east of Barnsley, connecting it to major cities such as London, Sheffield, and Leeds. The A61 road passes through the town, providing a direct route to Sheffield to the south and Wakefield to the north.

Public Transportation

For those looking to travel around Barnsley using public transportation, there are several bus services operated by Stagecoach Yorkshire and Arriva Yorkshire. These buses connect Barnsley to neighboring towns and cities within the region. The town also has a train station that offers regular services to various destinations, including Sheffield, Leeds, and Huddersfield.


Barnsley is conveniently located within a reasonable distance from several airports. The nearest major airport is Leeds Bradford Airport, which is approximately 25 miles away. This airport offers domestic and international flights, providing residents of Barnsley with easy access to a wide range of destinations. Doncaster Sheffield Airport is another viable option, located around 25 miles from Barnsley.

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Where Is Barnsley On The Map?


Early Settlements

Barnsley has a rich history that dates back to Roman times. There is evidence of early settlements in the area, with Roman coins and artifacts found in and around the town. The name “Barnsley” itself may have originated from the Old English word “Bernulfeslei,” meaning “Barnulf’s clearing” or “Barnulf’s woodland clearing.”

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution played a significant role in shaping Barnsley’s history. The town experienced rapid growth and development during this period, fueled by the coal mining industry. Barnsley became a major center for coal mining, with numerous collieries operating in and around the town. The availability of coal led to the establishment of various industries, including glass making and pottery.

Modern Times

In recent times, Barnsley has undergone significant transformations, adapting to the changing economic landscape. While the decline of the coal mining industry had an impact on the town, Barnsley has diversified its economy and focused on sectors such as finance and retail. The town has seen the development of modern infrastructure and the rejuvenation of its city center, attracting visitors and investors alike.

Points of Interest

Barnsley Town Hall

The Barnsley Town Hall is a prominent landmark in the town and serves as the administrative center for the local council. Built in the mid-1930s, the Town Hall features impressive architecture, including a clock tower and grand entrance. The building is an important symbol of civic pride and often hosts various events and ceremonies.

Cannon Hall Museum

Cannon Hall Museum is a stunning Georgian country house located near Barnsley. This museum offers a glimpse into the history of the area, showcasing fine art, furniture, and decorative arts collections. The surrounding parkland and gardens provide a picturesque setting for visitors to enjoy a leisurely stroll or picnic.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

For art enthusiasts, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is a must-visit attraction in Barnsley. This unique outdoor gallery spans over 500 acres of rolling countryside and boasts an impressive collection of contemporary sculptures from renowned artists. The park offers a tranquil environment and allows visitors to engage with art in a natural setting.

Where Is Barnsley On The Map?

Sports and Recreation

Barnsley F.C.

Barnsley F.C. is the local football club and has a devoted fan base in the town. The club, founded in 1887, has a long-standing history and has experienced success in various leagues. Home games are held at Oakwell Stadium, providing an exciting atmosphere for football enthusiasts.

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Oakwell Stadium

Oakwell Stadium is the home ground of Barnsley F.C. Situated in the town, the stadium has a seating capacity of around 24,000 and offers modern facilities for spectators. Whether you are a dedicated football fan or simply enjoy the energy of live sports events, watching a match at Oakwell Stadium can be a thrilling experience.

Parks and Green Spaces

Barnsley values its green spaces and has several parks and recreational areas for residents and visitors to enjoy. Locke Park is a popular choice, offering beautiful gardens, tennis courts, and a café. Other notable parks include Elsecar Park and Worsbrough Country Park, both providing opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.


Universities and Colleges

Barnsley is served by various universities and colleges, providing educational opportunities for students pursuing higher education. The University Campus Barnsley offers a range of degree courses in partnership with other renowned universities. Additionally, Barnsley College provides further education and vocational courses to cater to diverse academic interests.

Schools and Academies

Barnsley has a wide selection of primary and secondary schools, ensuring that children receive quality education within the town. From state-funded schools to academies, parents have a variety of options to choose from. Several schools in Barnsley have achieved excellent academic results and have gained recognition for their educational standards.

Where Is Barnsley On The Map?


Coal Mining

For many years, coal mining played a pivotal role in Barnsley’s economy. The rich coal reserves in the area led to the establishment of numerous collieries, providing employment opportunities for the local population. However, the decline in the coal mining industry resulted in significant shifts in the town’s economic landscape.

Glass Making

Another significant industry in Barnsley’s history is glass making. The town was known for its glassworks, with manufacturers producing a wide range of glassware. The glass industry had a strong presence in the region, contributing to the local economy and providing employment opportunities.

Financial and Retail Sectors

In modern times, Barnsley has focused on diversifying its economy to adapt to changing trends. The town has seen growth in the financial and retail sectors, with various companies establishing their presence. Shopping centers and retail parks offer a diverse range of shops and services, contributing to the local economy.

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Local Festivals

Barnsley hosts several festivals throughout the year, showcasing the town’s vibrant culture and community spirit. The Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council organizes events such as the Barnsley Music Festival and the Barnsley Literature Festival. These festivals celebrate local talent, offering opportunities for artists, musicians, and writers to showcase their work.

Museums and Art Galleries

Barnsley embraces its cultural heritage through its museums and art galleries. The Experience Barnsley Museum and Discovery Centre provides insight into the town’s history, while the Cooper Gallery showcases contemporary art exhibitions. These cultural institutions allow visitors to immerse themselves in the local arts and history.

Theater and Music Scene

Barnsley is home to a thriving theater and music scene, with venues such as the Barnsley Civic and The Lamproom Theatre hosting a variety of performances. From live music gigs to theatrical productions, there is always something happening in Barnsley to entertain and engage residents and visitors alike.

Where Is Barnsley On The Map?

Famous People

Michael Parkinson

Michael Parkinson, the renowned television presenter and journalist, was born in Barnsley. He achieved great success in his career, hosting his own talk show called “Parkinson” on the BBC. With his charming and insightful interviewing style, Parkinson became a household name and interviewed numerous notable figures over the years.

Dickie Bird

Dickie Bird, a famous cricket umpire, hails from Barnsley. He earned extensive recognition for his umpiring career, officiating in over 60 Test matches and more than 100 One Day Internationals. Bird’s contribution to the sport is widely acknowledged, and he is considered one of the most respected and iconic umpires in cricket history.

Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth, a renowned sculptor, spent her early years in Barnsley. Hepworth gained international acclaim for her modernist sculptures, which often featured organic and abstract forms. Her works can be found in major art galleries around the world, and she is regarded as one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th century.

Local Cuisine

Yorkshire Pudding

No discussion of Yorkshire’s cuisine would be complete without mentioning Yorkshire Pudding. This classic dish is a staple of British Sunday Roasts, with its fluffy and crispy texture. Yorkshire Puddings are often served alongside roasted meats, vegetables, and lashings of gravy, making it a delicious and comforting addition to any meal.

Roast Beef

Roast Beef is another beloved dish in Yorkshire, known for its succulent and flavorful qualities. Whether enjoyed with Yorkshire Puddings or in a sandwich, roast beef is a popular choice for a hearty meal. Many restaurants and pubs in Barnsley proudly serve traditional roast beef, ensuring visitors can savor the best the region has to offer.


Parkin is a traditional spiced gingerbread cake that is synonymous with Yorkshire. This delicious treat is often enjoyed during autumn and winter months, with its rich flavors and moist texture providing a comforting taste. Parkin is typically made with ingredients such as oats, treacle, and ginger, creating a unique and distinct flavor profile that delights the taste buds.

Where Is Barnsley On The Map?