CAPTAIN JAMES WRIGHT - How the English Wrights came to become Irish
James Wright was born in Royston, Yorkshire in 1615 and died in 1700. He first married Jane Owen in 1638 and had one son, William in 1640. Captain James Wright arrived with Cromwell's army in Dublin in 1649 and was later granted the estates of Gola and Carrachor in western County Monaghan by King James II in 1689.

After Jane's her death he married Mary Slacke and had six more children. The second son of that marriage was Thomas who in his marriage had sixteen children. Joseph Wright, the second son of that family, became a Church of Ireland parson with an estate at Carrachor. James Wright of Shercock is believed to be a grandson of Rev. Joseph Wright, being one of the children of James Wright III who inherited Carrachor Hall. His descendants sold the property and some moved to Cork.

In 1664 he is also found on the list of those liable to Hearth Money. In the list of those attainted by the Parliament of James II in 1689, there are the names of James Wright, Gentleman.

He made his will Nov. 21, 1700 and it was proved May 22, 1701. In it, he desired to be buried in the church at Tedavnet, and disinherited his eldest son William, by his first wife Jane Owen, in favour of his son Joseph by his 2nd wife Mary, leaving the estate of Grola to Joseph, and Drumloo to Thomas Wright.

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